Air Purification

The average American breathes 3,400 gallons of air each day, making ambient air pollution a major environmental problem.

Poor indoor air quality is attributable to a variety of factors and stems from multiple sources.

The AirAdvice State of Our Indoor Air Report 2007 (1) demonstrated through independent testing of the air of 10,000 American homes from across the country that 96 percent of homes had at least one type of IAQ problem. Pollutants included volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide, radon, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and biological pollutants such as pollen, dander, bacteria and fungus. These pollutants varied little by geography. Particulate matter was the leading cause of poor indoor air – found in 85 percent of homes.

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Many other conditions are affected by, or are due to, environmental exposures. PERCENTAGE OF SELECTED CONDITIONS ATTRIBUTED TO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS:

  • Asthma 30%
  • Cardiovascular disease 7.5%
  • Cancer 5%
  • Lead poisoning 100%
  • Birth defects 2.5%
  • Neurobehavioral 10%

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